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Bunk beds and kids beds are essential elements in the space of a growing child. The selection can be overwhelming, with many practical models, intriguing designs, and a wide palette of colors. What to choose among so many options? We are here to help. Our collection features stylish options that will surely appeal to even the most discerning teenagers.


Choosing the Right Kids Bed

Selecting the right type can be challenging as it must meet various requirements: comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. It needs to balance the vision of the adults with the expectations of the teenager. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:


Size and Space

Beds are available in various sizes, but a popular choice is a single 90x190 cm bed, providing enough space for a comfortable sleep. If you need more room, consider a small double 120x190 cm bed for extra space. Analyze your needs carefully and choose a bed that fully meets your expectations.



A fold-out bed is an excellent choice for teenagers, easily adapting the space for different needs. During the day, it can serve as a comfortable sofa or play area, and at night, it transforms into a cozy bed. This solution is perfect for smaller rooms where every centimeter of space is valuable. Fold-out beds with drawers or additional storage compartments are also highly practical, offering space for bedding, clothes, or books. It's an ideal solution for those who value order and organization.


Modern Design

Modern kids beds often feature minimalist styles and clean lines, made from durable materials that ensure both functionality and an attractive appearance. You can find many interesting designs and colors to create a unique room decor. Among contemporary models, bunk beds are an excellent choice, especially those with desks, shelves, or wardrobes. These multifunctional beds are perfect for limited spaces.


Ideal Beds for Boys and Girls

For boys, consider dynamic and energetic designs, such as a bunk bed that saves space and creates an interesting visual element. Darker shades like greys, blacks, blues, and browns complement these rooms well. For girls, choose a bed that harmonizes with her style and interests. A delicate design with a decorative headboard or a fold-out bed that provides space flexibility and comfort can be ideal. A bed with drawers offers additional storage space, perfect for storing bedding and other items.


Affordable Kids Beds – Quality at a Reasonable Price

Kids beds are not just for sleeping but also play a significant role in room decor. Choosing a model that meets both comfort and design requirements ensures a suitable place for rest and a space reflecting their style and personality. Don't forget a comfortable mattress, which should perfectly match the bed to provide stable support during sleep. Poor spinal position can cause back pain and posture issues, so a healthy sleep is crucial for a quality life. Our beds provide comfort and rejuvenating sleep, essential for a growing body.


If your budget is limited, don't worry. Affordable kids beds offering good quality and functionality are available. Look for promotions or sales. Instead of getting lost in a maze of options, check out the collection at J&B Furniture. You will find an inspiring selection of comfortable models with free and fast delivery.


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