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  • Bed Frames and Bases
    Bed Frames and Bases (29)

    Business meetings, late work hours, afternoon activities,running, going to the gym, walks – the list goes on. All these activities require i...

  • Sliding Wardrobes
    Sliding Wardrobes (42)

    Are you in need of a spacious wardrobe that can accommodate all your belongings? Do you also desire a piece of furniture that isn't too bulk...

  • Wardrobes and Bedroom Storage
    Wardrobes and Bedroom... (137)

    Storage is an indispensable part of creating a great bedroom. Not only is it a major factor in the room not letting you down on the level of function, but a well chosen wardrobe or chest of draw...

  • Bunk Beds and Kids Beds
    Bunk Beds and Kids Beds (8)

    Bunk beds and kids beds are essential elements in the space of a growing child. The selection can be overwhelming, with many practical models, intriguing designs, an...

  • Mattresses
    Mattresses (20)

    Your choice of Mattress is the last thing you’d want to neglect or be careless about, as it forms the foundation of your level of comfort in your own space. With the guidance and high-quality ra...

  • Bedside Tables
    Bedside Tables (26)

    A practical need that doesn’t have to just take up space, fulfil your bedside furniture needs while only adding to your room’s look

  • Blanket Boxes
    Blanket Boxes (0)

    Blanket Boxes are an often forgotten yet more often much needed component for completing your home, providing essential, near at hand storage while also adding to your home's aesthetic whole

  • Headboard
  • Dressing Tables
    Dressing Tables (13)

    Discover a world of functional elegance with our diverse range of dressing tables and consoles. Dressing tables, often found in bedrooms or bathrooms, offer a dedicated space for daily grooming ...

Transform Your Bedroom with Our Stunning Furniture Collection

Discover the perfect bedroom furniture at J&B Furniture Store in Ireland. Our wide range of high-quality furniture includes bed frames, sliding wardrobes, storage solutions, and more. Whether you're designing a master bedroom, a child's room, or organizing your space, our collection offers everything you need.

Bed Frames and Bases

Upgrade your sleep experience with our stylish and durable bed frames and bases. Choose from solid wood, metal, and upholstered options to find the perfect match for your bedroom decor. Our bed frames are designed to provide both comfort and elegance.

Sliding Wardrobes

Maximize your bedroom space with our sleek sliding wardrobes. Ideal for small rooms, these wardrobes are available in mirrored, high-gloss, and matte finishes. Keep your bedroom organized and stylish with our functional and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Wardrobes and Bedroom Storage

Organize your clothes and accessories with our versatile wardrobes and storage solutions. Our collection features spacious two-door wardrobes and compact units perfect for smaller spaces. Customize your storage with shelves, drawers, and hanging rods to create the ideal system.

Bunk Beds and Kids Beds

Make bedtime fun and practical with our range of bunk beds and kids' beds. Perfect for shared rooms or sleepovers, our bunk beds are safe, sturdy, and designed for comfort. Explore our playful and durable single beds that kids will love.


Enjoy a restful sleep with our selection of mattresses. Available in various sizes and firmness levels, our mattresses include memory foam and pocket spring options. Find the perfect mattress to support and comfort you all night long.

Bedside Tables

Complete your bedroom setup with our stylish bedside tables. Keep essentials within reach with our range of designs and finishes that complement your bed frame and other furniture. Choose from options with drawers, shelves, or a combination of both.

Blanket Boxes

Add elegance and storage to your bedroom with our blanket boxes. Perfect for storing extra bedding, pillows, or seasonal clothes, these versatile pieces also serve as seating areas or decorative features at the foot of your bed.


Enhance your bed's appearance with our selection of headboards. Available in classic and contemporary styles, our headboards add comfort and serve as a focal point in your bedroom. Choose from upholstered, wooden, or metal designs to match your decor.

Dressing Tables

Create a dedicated space for your morning routine with our beautiful dressing tables. With ample storage for beauty products, accessories, and jewelry, our dressing tables combine practicality with style. Complete your setup with a matching mirror and stool.

Explore Our Bedroom Furniture Collection

Visit J&B Furniture Stores to discover our full range of bedroom furniture. Browse online or visit our showrooms to find the perfect pieces to transform your bedroom into a haven of comfort and style. From bed frames to dressing tables, our comprehensive selection has everything you need to create your dream bedroom.