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Corner This corner is available in Left side and Right side and there is a huge range of colours !!!  Dimensions: H  86 cm W 252 x 194 cm D 98 cm

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Barry is a compact corner with a modern design that fits perfectly with any interior. The model stands out with its modern line of ergonomics - which in turn results in a lightweight, sleek and comfortable model for everyday use. The backrest profiled in the lumbar part forms the ideal support plane with the raised headrest.           

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Dora model is a large and very comfortable model which line will always impress. A very big advantage is the sleeping function, which has battens and smooth adjustment of the position of the head restraints. *Price given in Eco-leather* Different materials and colours available. Including Storage

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Eco is a modular system characterized by a classic of elegance and style. Perfectly suits the most demanding interiors. Its functionality and unprecedented comfort will blossom everywhere where it will be honored with its presence.

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Delicately classic but yet modern corner sofa. George Corner sofa is a quintessence of comfort. Very soft thanks to silicone seats. Both options include function relax + storage. Includes: -polyurethane foam -storage -recliner -multi-layer foam -filling in the furniture - silicone Dimensions: 283CM X 246CM Sleeping...

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Our Hazel Fabric Corner Sofa is a perfect example of contemporary styling and modern comfort in your living room. This corner sofa will add a stylish as well as practical addiction to your home. This corner is available in Left side and Right side and there is a huge range of colours Dimensions: 214cm x 214cm

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DIMENSIONS: Length: 241 cmWidth: 198 cmHeight: 88 cm Sleeping area: 207x144 cm Ottoman with armrests Unusual Bedding Container A pouf is added

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This corner sofa bed is made from beautiful grey fabric with abrasion rate of 48.000. Adjustable corner sofa bed to left hand side and right hand side.  Soft seats and backrests.  Dimensions: 246cm X 160cm Sleeping Area: 120cm X 205cm

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An extremely comfortable and functional collection. Italian design, comfort, the number of modules and adjustable headrests make the Living collection arouse our curiosity and delight. The Sedalift sleeping function has an area of ​​140 cm x 195 cm

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A comfortable multifunctional corner sofa made in a unique design. To increase the comfort the corner includes wavy springs. Dimensions: 257CM X 240CM Sleeping Area: 196CM X 121CM

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Loff is a modular system characterized by classic elegance and style. It blends in perfectly with the most demanding interiors. Its functionality and unparalleled comfort will flourish wherever it prides itself on its presence. Price is given in Group 2 fabric.

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Beautiful form, intriguing details, embroidery and functionality are features of the Dotte collection . To this should be added the incredible comfort and softness of the furniture, which means that you will not want to get up from it. The Dotte system offers a variety of corner configuration options thanks to the optimal number of modules. 140 cm x...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 26 items