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Discover our range of double mattresses designed for him and her, offering the perfect balance for couples with different weight, height, sleeping positions, and firmness preferences. Our mattresses feature varying firmness on each side to ensure optimal support and comfort for both partners. This is an excellent alternative to using two separate mattresses, allowing for comfortable sleeping in the middle. Our mattresses are a bridge between her delicacy and his strength, providing the perfect night's sleep.

Double Mattresses
Double mattresses are the hidden, yet most crucial part of any bedroom, whether styled in Scandinavian, modern, or traditional decor. Finding the right mattress is essential for quality sleep. At J&B Furniture, we focus on solutions that satisfy even the most discerning customers. Our selection includes pocket spring mattresses, latex mattresses, and foam mattresses that cater to double, king, and single beds, ensuring comfort and support for all.

Mattresses for Kids
Our children's mattresses have been developed through extensive research to ensure safety and healthy growth for your little ones. Made from carefully selected materials, they offer anatomical support, proper ventilation, and ease of cleaning, preventing dust mites and allergens.

Mattresses for Athletes
The Tri4 series and Talalay latex mattresses are designed for athletes, aiding recovery after intense training. These mattresses provide optimal spinal support, muscle relaxation, and excellent air circulation, making them hygienic and hypoallergenic. Perfect for those needing comprehensive regeneration.

Latex Mattresses
Talalay latex mattresses are made from 100% natural latex foam, resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew. They offer exceptional support, enhancing muscle recovery and providing a fresh, revitalized start to your day.

Foam Mattresses
Foam mattresses offer unique thermoelastic properties, adapting to body temperature and weight to relieve pressure points and enhance blood circulation. They pair well with adjustable bed frames, boosting sleep comfort.

Pocket Spring Mattresses
Pocket spring mattresses feature individual fabric pockets, allowing each spring to move independently for tailored support and comfort. Ideal for couples, these mattresses reduce motion transfer, ensuring undisturbed sleep.

Mattresses on Frames
For compact bedrooms or unique designs, our mattresses combined with wooden frames offer excellent ventilation and stability. These frame-integrated mattresses can be adjusted for added comfort and versatility.

Hotel Mattresses
Designed to meet the specific needs of hotels, resorts, and guesthouses, our hotel mattresses are durable, fire-resistant, and easy to clean, providing guests with a home-like sleeping experience.

Hospital Mattresses
Specially designed for hospitals and nursing homes, these mattresses support rehabilitation and orthopedic treatments. They are durable, waterproof, and ensure optimal body positioning for patient comfort.

Explore our collection and find the perfect mattress for a healthy, restful sleep.