Here at J&B Furniture, we are back at it again with our topic of “How to create space with your furniture” last we left off we were discussing how we use hidden storage to clear away clutter to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. However, today we will be discussing the sofa bed and the benefit’s that it provides in your home. Though space saving is a clear benefit we will also discuss the versatility and how a sofa bed can be friendly to your budget. So, let’s dive in and I will show you how the new-age sofa bed can change your home for the better.

It has to be mentioned that Sofa beds often come with a storage area for blankets, pillows, and cushions. However, though that was the design intent the purpose of this area can be used for whatever function the user sees fit. Pending on the mechanism that the sofa bed uses there is often an area either directly under or in corner sofas to have a racing ottoman. Having this area allows the versatility of the bed to be used throughout the home which will be discussed further in this article.























Bed Function
The modern sofa bed are now just as comfortable as any bed you can buy today, they are now clearly designed to be both comfortable and supportive. They are built to easily transform from seated to sleeping function easily. Their mechanism is both reliable and durable which allows you to both move them into position and throughout your home within reason. It is because this furniture is multi-functional is why they need to be sturdy which means you can enjoy a comfortable sleep or sit and relax. These sofa beds are designed to be used every day so are made to last. Along with this, they are perfect for guests who need to stay the night. From your friend who can’t drive home or from your child having a sleepover with schoolmates. The bed function creates a convenient solution to sleeping arrangements and offers a comfortable healthy bed in a matter of seconds.










Not much furniture can claim to be suitable for near any room as much as the sofa bed. From a child’s playroom acting as a sofa during the day with the storage aspect acting as a toy chest, to at night to be used as a bed. To be put into a secondary guest/office room where the sofa bed doesn’t take up the space that a usual bed would take, while also doubling as a place to discuss work-related matters. That can then transform into a bed to accommodate guests. This allows you to create a dual purpose in a room doubling the usefulness of the available space. In the same mindset, by providing two functions sofa beds become much more cost-effective while also not needing to spend a fortune on a good quality sofa bed, either. All our sofa beds are a great price for not just people on a budget, so they will save you space and save your pockets.

To conclude, Sofa beds provide a space-saving quality by being both multi-functional and having the ability to be placed next to any room in the house while still maintaining a purpose. Due to the modern design sofa beds are just as comfortable as any ordinary sofa or bed and just as cost-effective. Sofa beds are a must-have for any home as they open up further possibilities and are a great way to create space.