Cost: J&B Furniture delivery team is available for only €39.00 for all deliveries nationwide.


Delivery Day & Time

·       Delivery takes place from Monday - Friday from 10 am - 6 pm.

·       After the purchase you will receive a confirmed sales order acknowledgment and if the goods are in stock delivery will take place approximately 5–10 working days after the purchase date. Depending on the delivery location and delivery volume, the delivery may often happen before the standard 5-10 working days or after depending on the circumstances.

·       When scheduling your delivery, we provide you with an estimated time that cannot be guaranteed due to events that may happen that are beyond our control, such as traffic, weather etc.

·       One day before the scheduled delivery date, a member of our team will call you. If the day is unsuitable for you, we will make every effort to arrange your delivery for an alternative day.

·       If you need to reschedule your delivery date, please make sure to notify us as soon as possible.

·       In the event of delivered goods, we will remove all packaging of sofas or flat-packed furniture after being installed by our assembly team from your house unless you state otherwise.

·       You are required to inspect the delivered product and if there is any issue, you must notify us immediately by email at We will do our best to solve any problems. Depending on the problem that has emerged, it might take up to 2 weeks to receive a response.

·       The customer should measure their living area, hallways, and front doors to ensure the furniture will fit inside the home. If an event occurs that the furniture does not fit into your home, additional costs may apply.


Unable to Accept Delivery

We are willing to keep your products at our warehouse for free for a maximum of 4 weeks since we realize that you might be unable to accept delivery when your product is in stock, provided that the items are fully paid for within 7 days of us informing you that it is available. If in fact after the 4 weeks you are still unable to accept delivery we can store your goods however, a fee of €40 per week will apply.


Day of Delivery

·       Be sure there is a clear passage to the room of delivery. Please remove all furniture items from hallways and remove all items from walls to ensure no accidental damage can be caused.

·       If our assembly service is requested, please ensure the room the item is being assembled in is made as empty as possible. Be sure as much furniture and clothing items as possible are removed from the room so our delivery team can work quickly, efficiently and safely.

·       Our delivery team are required to wear proper boots when entering your home due to the Health and Safety Act of 2005. Please ensure floors to the room of delivery are covered to allow our delivery team to work safely.

Collections: You are free to collect your items from our warehouse based in Limerick from Monday to Friday just give us notice before you arrive. If you can only pick up the items on Saturday or Sunday, kindly contact the office to make arrangements as the warehouse is frequently closed on those days.

Assembly Service: We also provide Assembly Service for all our customers. Each item is priced individually for assembly and all prices are available on our website.

Please note: If the area for the item that is to be assembled is not a suitable working environment for our delivery team to work safely and efficiently, they will return your item to our warehouse, and you will be rescheduled for delivery and assembly at a later date and a secondary delivery charge of €39.00 will apply.


Order Cancelation or Amendment

If you have purchased an item that is in stock, you may cancel this order or amend this order before the delivery. Items that are made just for you must be cancelled within 3 days of placing the order because after that time, production on the item may have started with the manufacturer or it may have been ordered.