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KMD 30 Desk Chair

In Stock
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€790.00 tax incl.

KMD 30 Desk Chair

In Stock

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Mechanism:  KMD 30 has been equipped with a synchronous movement system. Once the interlock has been released (by means of the Joystick), the backrest tilts in the direction synchronous with the seat, copying movements of the user in the chair. The backrest inclination, following the user’s back movement, is clearer and faster than the seat movement. The resisting force of the backrest when tilting is adjustable, thanks to which it is possible to adapt it to the user’s weight. The user may feel free to interlock a specific tilting position of the backrest and seat. The mechanism allows adjusting the seat depth that is its distance from the backrest. Thanks to this, the backrest functions will be accessible both to short and tall users, while the frontal part of the seat will not pinch the thighs.

Armrests:  The chair is equipped with an armrest adjusted in 4 dimensions: Up-down, allows adjusting its height so that the forearm is placed at the angle of 90 degrees towards the trunk, which significantly relieves the back muscles when we work while sitting for a long time. The armrest height adjustment range is 7 cm.

Distance between a pad and the seat allows adjusting the gauge of armrests both for short and tall users.

Distance between a pad and the backrest serves to adjust it to the length of the user’s forearm. Position angle of pad in the range +/- 15 degrees the fact that pads are directed towards the inside the seat facilitates typing, while direction towards the outside facilitates easy standing up.

Foot base: The chair has a five-armed base which is made of polished aluminium. Aside from aesthetic values, the main advantage of this prolongs its durability.

Actuator: a smooth adjustment of height is possible thanks to a pneumatic actuator with an adjustment range of 100 mm. The external casing is chrome-plated.

Backrest: Shaped, upholstered with a natural grain leather. At its 1/3 length the backrest has a separate lumbar part which moves in all directions, thus reacting to movements of the user and guaranteeing suitable lumbar support in any position. The backrest is equipped with a height adjustment which can be performed while sitting. It can be interlocked at 4 heights.

Headrest: Upholstered with grain leather, just like the entire backrest and seat. It is equipped with a height adjustment (range – 5 cm) and inclination angle adjustment, it is possible to choose and interlock a specific height and inclination angle.

Additional Information:

  • Assembly Service Available
  • Comes new and flat packed
  • Finance Available
  • Delivery Available
  • Contact us - (061) 423 710


  • Width: 66 cm
  • Height: 116 - 132 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm

Data sheet

116CM X 132CM


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