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Wings - Hand Painted (original)

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Wings - Hand Painted (original)

Out of Stock

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Diptych composed of two paintings, each measuring 100x80 cm, maintained in a vivid texture. The composition includes white, black, and gold, with the addition of silver leaf. The paintings depict the wings of an angel, left on the ground.

Each of the paintings is a mirror reflection of the other. On the left side of one of the paintings, deep black dominates, overlaid with wings in shades of white delicately covered in gold paint. Subtle streaks of gray add dynamism to the composition.

The paintings are executed on canvases measuring 100x80 cm each, with a combined width of 160 cm. The materials used include canvas, on which a painting technique was applied, enriched with gold details and silver leaf. The composition is in a vertical orientation, creating an impression of elegance and harmony.

The color palette mainly consists of gold, white, and black, giving the artworks a distinctive and exclusive appearance. Both paintings form a unique diptych, creating an original and intriguing vision of angel wings left on the ground.


  • Width: 80CM x2
  • Height: 100CM x2

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80CM x2
100CM x2


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