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  • Neo Collection
    Neo Collection (11)

    The Neo Collection is designed in a classical manner with a modern twist with its mixture of expos...

  • Dalia Collection
    Dalia Collection (15)

    The Dalia Collection is a luxurious design that brings new modern elements. Using natural walnut veneer and white gloss to bring interior elegance and freshness paired with upw...

  • Eva Collection
    Eva Collection (10)

    The Eva collection will fit perfectly into a classic interior. The combination of dark color with traditional light wood is a proposal for lovers of elegance. The series is perfect for the livin...

  • Eva Abisko Ash Collection
    Eva Abisko Ash Collection (10)

    The Eva Abisko Ash collection will fit perfectly into a classic interior. The combination of light color with traditional light wood brings out a regal fresh elegance to any...

  • Agat Collection
    Agat Collection (8)

    The Agat collection is intended for the living room, living room or dining room. The furniture is made of high-quality materials. The fronts are made of a durable MDF board, while the body is ma...

  • Ollie Collection
    Ollie Collection (7)

    The Ollie room furniture collection enriches a living room, creating compositions in an industrial style. The spacious interiors of individual blocks allow for free segregation...

  • Oliver Collection
    Oliver Collection (11)

    The oliver Collection is a youthful furniture set that is a great proposition for a teenager's or child's room. The system consists of 15 blocks so that everyone can adjust the...

  • Sara Collection
    Sara Collection (3)

    The sara Collection is sleek modern furniture designed for the admirers of si...

  • Tito Collection
    Tito Collection (16)

    The Tito Collection is a modern sector furniture that offers several separate elements. The stylish design of the furniture is highlighted by a color design that will appeal to...

  • Traffic Collection
    Traffic Collection (13)

    The Traffic Collection is an modern and attractive furniture set for any children's room which offers a wealth of great combination options. With its fresh look, the pieces of ...

  • Optima Office Furniture
    Optima Office Furniture (5)

    The Optima furniture collection is the perfect solution for office rooms, conference rooms, cabinets and Open Space offices. Optima is primarily a functionality - a variety of cabinets, shelves ...

  • Niko Collection
    Niko Collection (14)

    The Niko Collection is a collection furniture is made entirely of high-quality laminated board. It utilise universal shapes and the natural colors, the furniture from the Niko ...

  • Hector Collection
    Hector Collection (8)

    Hector Collection is a multi-piece collection of furniture for the living room and bedroom. Modern style combined with fashionable gloss colors will allow you to arrange the sp...

  • Tulla White Gloss Collection
    Tulla White Gloss... (11)

    The Tulla White Gloss Collection was made using a durable and solid MDF board. It is mainly characterized by craftsmanship and perfect details. At first glance, the attention i...

  • Tulla Oak Grandson Collection
    Tulla Oak Grandson... (11)

    The Tulla Oak Grandson Collection was made using a durable and solid MDF board. It is mainly characterized by craftsmanship and perfect details. At first glance, the attention ...

  • Tig Collection
    Tig Collection (12)

    The Tig Collection is a youthful furniture set that is a great proposition for a teenager's or child's room. The system uses modern and bold colour of the handles in 5 shades distinguish the Tig...

  • Adela System
    Adela System (1)

    The Adela System is a simple modern living set that is design with elements of Scandinavian style. The furniture is made of high-quality laminated board and MDF board, thanks to which it is resi...

  • Nemo Collection
    Nemo Collection (20)

    The Nemo Collection is a combination of a distinct artisan oak decor with black handles and legs is a perfect solution for a contemporary interior. The well-thought-out structure of the blocks w...

  • Hector Grey Gloss Collection
    Hector Grey Gloss... (9)

    Hector Grey Gloss Collection is a multi-piece collection of furniture for the living room and bedroom. Modern style combined with fashionable gloss colors will allow you to arrange the space of ...

  • Hana Collection
    Hana Collection (4)

    The Hana Collection is perfect for the any living room. The inspiration for the creation was the industrial style, which never leaves the list of the best trends. You can easily arrange a living...

  • Milano Collection
    Milano Collection (33)

    The Milano is a stylish collection that design resembles a classic harmonious form and decorative carvings. It combines high gloss white fronts with dark wooden top and legs for a bright moderni...

  • Wersal Collection
    Wersal Collection (48)

    Wersal Collection – Refined Sophistication for Your Stylish Home

    Discover the pinnacle of design with the Wersal furniture...

  • Secco Collection
    Secco Collection (9)

    Secco is a collection of modern and minimalist furniture suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, or youth rooms.

  • Santos Latte Collection
    Santos Latte Collection (14)

    Discover the contemporary and stylish Santos Collection, featuring display cabinets, sideboards, TV units, coffee tables, and dining tables. Made of solid wood, vene...

  • Santos Oak Collection
    Santos Oak Collection (14)

    Discover the Santos Collection, where contemporary elegance meets timeless craftsmanship. Each piece in this stunning range is designed to seamlessly integrate with ...

  • Helio Collection
    Helio Collection (7)

    Helio’s minimalist design accents interiors with an architectural aesthetic and refined simplicity. The sleek design complements a variety of spaces and indiscrimina...

  • Sophie Collection
    Sophie Collection (8)

    Atmospheric Lighting
    Introduce a romantic ambiance to your interior with a touch...

  • Forest Collection
    Forest Collection (9)

    Forest - For Lovers of Peace and Nature
    Soft-Close System:

  • Lille Collection
    Lille Collection (14)

    The LILLE collection features beautiful, classic, white furniture inspired by nature in a Provencal style.

    Styled furn...

  • Marine Collection
    Marine Collection (9)

    Peace and Relaxation

    The Marine c...

  • Colt Collection
    Colt Collection (9)

    For Demanding Teenagers

    The Colt ...

  • Dorian

Our Furniture Collections

Explore our versatile furniture collections, perfect for any room in your home. Each collection is designed with functionality, style, and quality craftsmanship in mind, ensuring you find the ideal pieces to match your decor and needs.

Classic Charm with a Modern Twist

This collection combines exposed wood with sleek white lamination, offering various unit combinations for personalized space organization. Additional drawers and compartments enhance functionality, optimizing space and improving organization.

Luxury and Elegance

This collection exudes luxury with modern design elements, using natural walnut veneer and white gloss finishes. The upward rounded wooden doors emphasize its unique shape, while polished metal handles add sophistication. The two-tone colors (white and walnut) create a statement piece in any interior.

Classic Elegance

Ideal for classic interiors, this collection blends dark colors with traditional light wood. It includes chests of drawers, cabinets, shelves, a coffee table, and a folding table, perfect for living rooms and dining rooms. Available in green with Ribbec Oak, this collection also offers optional LED lighting for enhanced elegance.

Industrial Style

Enrich your living room with this industrial-style collection. Spacious interiors and a combination of natural brown shades with matte black accents provide ample storage. Featuring stylized longitudinal handles and black edges, this collection includes elegant glass cabinets, massive chests of drawers, a coffee table, and a hanging shelf, making it versatile for any interior.

Youthful Style

Perfect for children's and teenagers' rooms, this collection offers 15 modular blocks that can be customized to fit individual needs. The combination of white carcasses with glossy fronts creates a cozy and fresh ambiance, ideal for study and play.

White Elegance

Crafted from durable MDF board, this collection is characterized by precise craftsmanship and attention to detail. Rounded edges enhance safety, and contrasting black handles add visual interest. High-quality membrane foil on the fronts ensures long-lasting appeal, combining simplicity with elegance.

Harmony of Classic and Modern

This collection combines classic harmony with modern design, featuring high gloss white fronts paired with dark wooden elements. The blend of styles creates a bright, elegant aesthetic, versatile for various interior designs.

Classic Modular Design

A pinnacle of classic furniture design, this modular collection is perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It blends traditional design with clean lines, creating a transitional style that complements any home decor beautifully.

Nature and Tranquility

For those who love peace and nature, this collection features a soft-close system and a bold dark blue color with gold accents. Reinforced drawer bottoms provide ample storage, while metal handles and legs with jewelry-like gold edges add elegance.

Industrial Style for Youth

Designed for demanding teenagers, this collection combines industrial style with wood and steel elements. Soft upholstered headboards and large capacity wardrobes make this collection both stylish and practical.

Modern Sector Furniture

This collection offers several separate elements, suitable for children's and student rooms. The stylish design features an appealing color scheme, easy maintenance, and functional elements like touch-sensitive lighting and sturdy construction.

Elegance with Milled Fronts

Combining cashmere decor with milled fronts, this collection is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms. Adjustable lighting and high-quality construction with elegant finishes create a sophisticated look.

Provencal Style

Inspired by nature and classic Provencal style, this collection offers beautiful white furniture with subtle ornamentation and warm wood accents. Soft-closing mechanisms and reinforced drawer bottoms add functionality to its rustic elegance.

Depth of Blue

Featuring deep blue tones with gold elements, this collection blends tranquility with bold design. Soft-close systems and reinforced drawer bottoms ensure both functionality and elegance.

Modern Minimalism

With a glossy white finish and metallic handles, this collection emphasizes contemporary style. Practical legs and a sleek design make it perfect for those who appreciate simplicity and modernity.

Industrial Inspiration

Combining natural wood colors with matte black elements, this collection is perfect for living rooms. High-quality materials ensure durability and resistance, making it both practical and elegant.

Contemporary Practicality

This collection combines artisan oak decor with black handles, ideal for modern interiors. Thoughtful structure provides ample storage, with soft, upholstered seats for added comfort.

Universal Simplicity

Made from high-quality materials, this collection features universal shapes and natural colors, fitting various sett ings. Its functional and modern design adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Office and Organization

Perfect for office spaces, this collection offers a variety of cabinets, shelves, and desks for optimal storage and organization. High-quality construction ensures stability and privacy.

Modern Children's Furniture

Modern and attractive, this collection offers numerous combination options for children's rooms. Its fresh look and stylish design create a functional and trendy space for kids.

Elegant Minimalism

Available in glossy white or natural materials, this collection offers RGB lighting with remote control for customizable ambiance. Its unique design makes it a standout element in any interior.

Stylish Simplicity

Made from high-quality materials, this collection features elegant finishes and subtle details, perfect for modern interiors.

Each collection combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, perfectly meeting the demands of contemporary and stylish interiors. Explore our diverse range to find the perfect fit for your home.